White and blue... Is there a more pure combination? We'll wait...


Howlite is a semi precious gemstone which is said to be one of the most calming stones for anxiety and stress. It is also great for facilitating calm communication, strengthens the memory and is useful for those who need clarity and focus when it comes to work and learning. The Howlite stones are smooth and rounded and have delicate grey veining, which looks like marble.


The faceted blue stones are Lapis Lazuli, which is renowned for repelling negativity, stimulates confidence and creativity, as well as helping you to speak your truth. Lapis Lazuli can range from shades of sky blue to deep oceanic hues, and have small flecks of golden pyrite for a subtle shimmer. 


This stretch bracelet also has a gold and pave crystal evil eye charm to ward off any bad energy. The charm has a deep blue iris which matches the Lapis Lazuli stones. 


howlite and lapis lazuli bracelet

  • • handcrafted stretch bracelet availabe in various sizes
    • 4mm natural A grade Howlite
    • 3-4mm facted Lapis Lazuli stones
    • gold vermeil and pave crystal evil eye charm
    • beautifully presented ready for giving as a gift