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Hello! I’m Bini, Founder and Creator of Bini Chohan Jewellery. I'm a mum, a jewellery maker, I'm fully obsessed with my rescue dog Sky, I love bad jokes, all things nature, cooking (and eating), photography and a good night in binge-watching Netflix. 

Before this starts to read like a bad dating bio, let me share with you how I got into jewellery making... It started with a last minute trip to Wales in 2009! In need of a change of scenery after a rough few weeks, a good friend invited me to go with her to Swansea for the weekend. It was only to help her friend who owned a jewellery/crafting supply shop, but in the spirit of getting out of my head and "saying yes" I accepted her invite, hastily packed a weekender bag and off we went!

Upon stepping into the shop, I was in awe of all the different gemstones, beads and glistening metal jewellery bits and bobs. After spending a couple of quiet hours rearranging displays, I fancied trying my hand at making something. But where to begin? Excitedly clutching a string of gemstone beads and walking around the shop looking bewildered about what to do next, one of the women who actually worked there took me under her wing and taught me each step of how to make a beaded necklace. The finished project was far from perfect, but there it was... Something I had made with my own two hands. Something shiny and new to signal the end of what had been a pretty depressing time. And so began my love affair with all things jewellery!

Fast forward a few years, I finally decided it was time to turn this hobby into something more... I was so over all the plated stuff that could only be worn a couple of times before turning your skin green. I was done with paying out good money for terrible quality that would just end up in the bin within weeks. I knew wasn't alone in this feeling, so it was time to do something about it.

With that in mind, I set out to create jewellery which is made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials - Long lasting, sustainable pieces that work and play just as hard as you do. Jewellery that you can wear everyday, that makes you feel empowered and confident knowing that you're doing your part to help end fast fashion. Here's to not turning green, Queen! 🥂


Our planet is vast, vibrant and insanely beautiful. Having such a deep respect and love for the natural world, I want to do my part to reduce waste and landfill, and to help regenerate and rewild our environment.


I hold these values close - From designing pieces through to sourcing the necessary materials to make them come to life. I research and strive to make better design choices, so you can feel assured that your jewellery is sustainable via it's long-lasting quality and style.

As part of my design process, I make a prototype of each design, and wear it for a good amount of time to test its strength and quality. Only then do I feel happy with making small batches of each piece to sell. No doubt you'll have guessed that quality and durability are key for me - It means the jewellery is better value for you because it’s long lasting so it won’t end up being thrown away quickly like plated jewellery is. It is made to last.

I spend a lot of time researching and testing the materials used to craft my designs. They need to be ethical, environmentally friendly, and the opposite of fast, throwaway fashion. I work with 925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver and 14k Hallmarked Filled Gold so these pieces will stand the test of time. I also use ethically and responsibly sourced high grade gemstones, and repurpose or recycle the metal components of my jewellery wherever possible.


My packaging is also minimal, FSC® Certified and fully recyclable, so you can have beautiful jewellery without the guilt about how it impacts our environment. Even the ink I use to hand-stamp my packaging is vegan and non-toxic. And if that wasn't enough, each order now comes with a gift of wildflower seeds, containing native species found in our natural British landscape. The flowers will provide vital food and shelter for our wildlife, including pollinating bees, butterflies and birds 🌺 

Each piece of Bini Chohan jewellery is made with attention to detail and care, so go ahead and plant the seeds, wear the jewellery and make the world a more beautiful place!


- Bini xx

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