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Alluring Amethyst

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The first in this series of birthstone blog posts is the absolutely alluring Amethyst 😍

The first, you say? Yes… I’m starting the birthstone blogs a month late because the idea only occurred to me a few days ago, and chatting about Garnets halfway through January just didn’t seem right 😂 Those gorgeous Garnets will have to wait their turn…

Amethysts are one of my personal favourite gemstones, and for so many reasons beyond the dreamy hues of pinks, violets and purples 🥰 Did you know that Amethysts are all about energy protection, cleansing of bad vibes and are great for calming stress and anxiety? I absolutely adore my Amethyst crystal; I keep it beside my bed and it helps to calm my racing mind so I can get a good night’s rest.

Amethysts are traditionally known as the birthstone for those born in February – Aquarius or Pisces Zodiac signs are the Feb flavours, so let’s break down why Amethysts are perfect for people who are born into these star signs...

The Aquarian...

Aquarius’ are reliable, sociable, quick-witted, creative and focussed on their goals. Amethysts, in all their glory, can support an Aquarius personality because it’s a grounding gemstone. As social as an Aquarius is, they also highly value quiet alone

time - so an Amethyst gemstone would be a perfect companion as it is great for stress relief and meditation. Amethyst also dispels anxiety, opens up communication (beyond those brilliant one-liners), promotes clarity and great for creativity and focus.

Amethyst even helps with getting a good night’s sleep – All the things a social Aquarian butterfly needs to recharge.

The Piscean...

Pisces are known for being massive empaths – They feel what you feel and care deeply. They are highly creative, day dreamers, very social and love new experiences.

Amethysts are perfect for our Pisces people because it has a balancing and cleansing effect. When you’re an empath, you can often get weighed down with other people’s emotions and stress, and Amethyst can help cleanse away any bad vibes and lift you to a more tranquil headspace.

Because Pisces are creative dreamers, they often need help with focus so they can achieve their goals. Amethyst is a great stone to help with decision making, calms any overwhelming thoughts, and helps you to foster good habits.

How to incorporate Amethyst stones into your life?

This one is easy – Jewellery of course! An Amethyst pendant is the perfect solution, and makes a thoughtful gift for our friends and family born in February. Take a look at our Raw Amethyst Birthstone necklace, which is available in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.

With the weather warming up and our hands are finally being freed of gloves, we can start showing off our rings and manicures! Step up your ring game with an Amethyst stacker, but be quick because there’s not many of these babies left!

That’s it for our spotlight on Alluring Amethysts – Next month will be all about Amazing Aquamarine so stay tuned 🤩

Have a great Feb!


Bini xx

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