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Protective Turquoise

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Well that was a longer break from blogging than expected! This entry should have been with you in December, but here it is… In January! I’d like to say the delay was for a good reason, but I just fancied a break after the chaos of Black Friday and Christmas orders. But hey, it’s still Capricorn season so technically this is on time… 🤣

So, here we are… It’s a New Year, we’re in the throes of Winter, but thankfully I’m snuggled on the sofa with a blanket and a toasted marshmallow candle flickering away, so it’s all good. While I’m sat here typing this blog intro, I can’t help but draw parallels with the cool blue winter sky and our blog subject for today: Turquoise.

Bright winter skies and branches reminiscent of Turquoise stones

My previous blog post was about Citrine and it’s manifesting magic. This month we look at how we can use Turquoise to communicate our desires, break negative cycles and

being open to new experiences. Kind of perfect for the New Year, right? 🤩

The colour of the vast sky, a tropical ocean, a dreamy cosmos in in our mystical universe, Turquoise is one of those gemstones that just makes you smile and feel all the good feels 🥰 It brings a calming vibe which makes you feel safe and protected, while gently encouraging you to push forward with your goals. Whether that includes working through steps on a daily to-do list, or helping you achieve a huge milestone, Turquoise is your stone.

Known as a positive and protective crystal, Turquoise is your perfect partner for battling anxious thoughts, finding inner peace, attracting good luck and speaking your truth.

Turquoise is particularly great for nervous or anxious people as it has a soothing yet bright energy, and reminds us that no bad situation is permanent – Just like the flow of water.

Go with the flow...

Favoured by Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Native Americans and Aztecs, this bright stone has been adored throughout history and can be found all over the world. From the dry desert lands of Arizona and through to the Tibetan Plateau, Turquoise can be found in varying hues of blues and greens depending on how rich the minerals are.

Ancient Egyptians referred to Turquoise as Mefkat, which meant joy or happiness, and this gemstone was often buried with their dead as to provide protection and joy in the afterlife journey. Ancient Persians also believed Turquoise granted protection, and the Persian name for this gemstone is Pirouzeh, which translates to Victory. Later, Turkish traders brought these stones to Europe where it got the name Turquoise, meaning Turkish Stone in old French.

As you can see, this gemstone has a rich history and was – and still is – used for making jewellery and carvings. As it comes in at a 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, it is a softer stone and can break if not cared for. This is why you don’t really see tiny Turquoise beads, as they are not stable enough to maintain their shape without degrading over time. Most tiny beads of this colour are usually jasper stones which have been dyed a turquoise colour, as Jasper is far more stable for this sort of beadwork.

King Tut's burial mask was adorned in Turquoise gemstones


This is the Sanskrit name for the throat chakra, which Turquoise rules over. The word Vishuddha translates to Pure, and your throat chakra is all about self expression, communication and speaking your truth.

If you feel like you’re not being understood, or even heard, chances are that your throat chakra is blocked. To help clear your throat chakra, lay down and meditate with a Turquoise stone where your collarbone meets in the middle. Mindfully meditating in this way will help to melt away fear, aggression and will release any patterns of negativity or self-sabotage by promoting awareness of yourself.

Turquoise also has the added benefit of being able to balance and align all of the chakras, which will stabilise any mood swings and restore inner calm, leaving us open to feel joy, love and feel strong enough to take on new adventures and experiences.

So now we know what Turquoise is all about, let’s take a look at why this gorgeous gemstone is the perfect partner for our Sagittarius and Capricorn babes. So let’s dive right in…

The Archer

Sagittarians are well known for being adventurous, curious and fun to be around, so it’s no wonder this bright stone is their talisman as it aligns so beautifully with their positive demeanour.

Our Sagittarian pals are a ball of energy, always doing something and rarely switching off. This abundance of energy sometimes means they’re not great communicators, which lands them in hot water at times. This is why a Turquoise stone can really help Sags - It helps with clear self expression with compassion, and aids them in their quest to find a balance between their chaotic energy and the pool of stillness which they need.


Our Capricorn friends mean business! Highly motivated, organised, always on the ball and a killer sarcastic wit, they often struggle to show their softer side for fear of being taken advantage of.

Wearing a Turquoise stone will alleviate their social anxieties, all while helping them to express their true feelings and desires whilst protecting them from being caught up with any drama. No foot in mouth syndrome here 👀

Because Capricorn is so dedicated to their goals, they sometimes suffer with burnout and may struggle to relax. Turquoise can ease any restlessness with its soft, soothing vibrations.

How to incorporate Turquoise into your life?

Turquoise is a stone which attracts good fortune, so it’s worth keeping one nearby. Placed in your office or a communal area like the kitchen or dining table, it will assist with communication and help you to think clearly while working.

You can also wear a Turquoise to feel the joy every day. Being a throat chakra stone, wearing a Turquoise necklace is the easiest way, and places the stone right where it needs to be for the maximum benefits.

This Raw Turquoise gemstone necklace will also make the perfect gift for a loved one - because who wouldn’t want positivity and serenity wherever they go? 💝

Raw Turquoise Necklaces available in Gold and Silver

That’s it for our spotlight on Turquoise – Out next blog will be all about Glorious Garnets, boosting our self-confidence, empowerment and love 💓


Bini xx

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