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Joyful Citrine

November, November… The month where we truly feel and see the shift of the season. Early Autumn is all golden hours, rusty coloured crunchy leaves and the beginning of our beloved sweater season. The kind of weather that makes you regret taking out your “big coat” even though it was cold that morning 🤣 But November is a different beast altogether. It’s where the season shifts from those romantic golden hues to damp greys and dull browns – Like someone has desaturated the world - and we become more tired, sluggish and restless all at the same time.

It's now more than ever that we find ourselves looking inwards; Planning for the future (booking vacations, Christmas shopping etc), prepping our homes for the colder months, and essentially getting into hibernation mode the second the street lights switch on. On go our warm glowy fairy lights and candles to bring some much needed comfort to our senses from the cold world outside.

Cosy vibes are all we want this Autumn!

I talked about self-care quite a bit in my previous blog post about Pink Opal. This month we go deeper than just looking after our physical bodies – Our minds and souls need to recharge too, and this is where our sunshine coloured gemstone of the month comes in… Citrine 😍

Encapsulating the energy of the sun, Citrine is energising, comforting and warm, something we all need to feel during these darker months. We touched on introspection and planning for the future, and Citrine is just the gemstone to help you with that. If you have particular goals in mind, whether its personal or business, this stone will help you with fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Known as the Merchants Stone, Citrine is a semi-precious gemstone well known for aiding manifestation and bringing abundance, attracting wealth and prosperity, success, and all the goodness in our world. It also encourages friendships to blossom, generosity and sharing of good fortunes.

Citrine is particularly beneficial for business owners or those wanting to get ahead in their career, as it will help you on your journey to success, happiness and stability.

The name comes from the French word Citron, which means lemon 🍋 This zesty hued gemstone is reminiscent of warm sunny days and it’s no surprise, as Citrine is usually found in warmer climates such as Brazil and Madagascar. Coming in at a 7 on the Mohs Scale, this golden stone is hard-wearing and brilliant for jewellery.

Citrine is formed by heating Amethyst gemstones to an incredibly high heat, and this triggers a chemical reaction that changes the colour of the minerals from shades of purple, to the yellows and oranges that we traditionally associate with Citrine. A lot of this takes place in labs, however naturally occurring Citrine is fairly common too.

Because Citrine basically starts off as Amethyst, you can find organic stones that are a magical combination of the two. This is where deposits of Amethyst have been partially changed to Citrine through natural heating, and this creates a third type of gemstone – Ametrine 💜💛

Natural Ametrine is a mix of Amethyst and Citrine

SOLAR Plexus 🌞

See what I did there? 🤣 This sunny stone is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura in Sanskrit. This literally translates into “City of Jewels” and is alternatively spoken as Lustrous Gem, which is exactly what a Citrine gemstone is. This chakra is associated with the colour yellow and is linked to fire and the power of transformation.

Meditating with Citrine is particularly useful if you are feeling out of sorts and cannot pinpoint why. The Citrine, when placed above your navel (where the Solar Plexus chakra is), will help to cleanse all chakras of bad energy and keep them aligned and working in harmony so you will feel more you.

The Citrine stone also activates your Solar Plexus chakra to help you take action and reach your goals. Do you want that promotion? Looking to buy a house? Want a creative solution to a problem? Citrine is your lucky charm, as it’s all about making things happen – Manifestation to the max!

So now we know what Citrine is all about, let’s take a look at why this gorgeous gemstone is the perfect partner for our November babes. Scorpio and Sagittarius are the Zodiacs of the month, so let’s dive right in…

The Scorpion…

Mysterious, fun and fiery, our Scorpios are definitely forces to be reckoned with. Although they are happy enough on their own, they also have a deep need to be surrounded by people, and can feel very low if their feelings are not reciprocated exactly how they would like.

A classic overthinker, our Scorpion friends are prone to getting lost in their own minds and can struggle to break free from ruminating. Citrine can really help Scorpios by clearing away negative energy, and helping them to turn that excess mental flux into powerful actions - Actions which bring happiness and feelings of accomplishment. It will help them to find

and genuinely feel joy, and who wouldn't want that?!


Freedom loving, intelligent, adventurous and very social, our Sagittarius friends have a lot to offer but often hold back. A master conversationalist, they can talk to anyone about anything… Except their own feelings 👀 Yup, I said it!

While they are sassy, straight shooting and honest with their opinions, our Archers often find it difficult to open up about their own struggles and would rather

deflect or escape on their next adventure than ask for help. The cycle of running away often makes them feel isolated, even though they’re easily the most social Zodiac.

Citrine can truly help Sagittarius’ to focus on the positive things in life, which is useful if they are feeling depressed or stuck in a situation. It promotes creativity and inner fire and strength to help them tackle any issues head on with love rather than aggression.

How to incorporate Citrine into your life?

The easiest way is to wear a Citrine crystal to feel the benefits everyday. You can also carry one in your purse or wallet to attract money and prevent any unnecessary spending. Keeping a Citrine stone with you will help you to feel confident, strong, positive and happy.

This Raw Citrine gemstone necklace will also make the perfect gift for a loved one - because who wouldn’t want to wear a piece of joyous sunshine wherever they go? 💝

That’s it for our spotlight on Citrine – Next month will be all about Protective Turquoise, communicating our desires, breaking negative cycles and being open to new experiences.


Bini xx

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