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Amazing Aquamarine

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Hello! I bet you’re not here to read about planting potatoes or about my recent purchase a new veg steamer basket and how it's changed my life (rock and roll) so let’s dive right into our second entry of the “birthstone blogs” – This time it’s the turn of the first of the Spring birthstones, Amazing Aquamarine…

Ahhh Aquamarine 🥰 Fun to say, gorgeous to look at and quite possibly one of the most tranquil gemstones around, with its varying shades of the palest of sea-glass blues to almost turquoise tones. I freakin' love it! But then again, I’m drawn to blue stones just like Moana is drawn to the ocean 🌊

Getting real life Moana vibes from this beautiful place. How lush does the ocean look? 😍

Aquamarine stones have a great history too. Did you know that these stones were believed to be the treasure of mermaids? The name translates to water blue, so there’s all kinds of mythical ties to the ocean, and Roman and Greek sailors used to use the stone as a good luck talisman when travelling on open waters to help them avoid stormy seas. This is no doubt why Aquamarine represents tranquillity and clarity.

This blue crystal is all about transformation, cleansing and re-birth and being fearless, just like an ocean-travelling explorer. Aquamarine is a protective stone that is thought to help the wearer with anxiety, helps to calm the mind and assists with clear communication. It’s also linked to the throat chakra (as blue stones often are) so can be used to help with physical throat, sinus and breathing problems - if you’re into crystal healing, that is.

Aquamarine is traditionally known as the birthstone for those born in March – Pisces or Aries, so let’s take a look at why Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for people who are born into these star signs...

The Piscean...

Pisces are known for being sensitive souls – They feel what you feel and care deeply. They are highly creative, day dreamers, very social and love new experiences. They never want to sit in one place and are always up for a new adventure. Aquamarine stones are perfect for our Pisces pals because it empowers them to be bold and brave, and to speak their truth as they can often shy away from conflict.

Pisceans often need to cleanse the negative energies they “soak up” from other people, due to being empaths. The Aquamarine stone helps to clear any mental or emotional blockages and is a great meditation companion. Sometimes you need to chill, and our friend Aquamarine has a gentle and encouraging energy to help with just that.

The Arien...

Strong, passionate, independent, ambitious and a natural leader, our Aries friends have a lot of great things going on! With a reputation for being quick to anger and sometimes being stubborn, Aquamarine is ideal to help curb these urges. Being a stone of serenity, it can add some real balance to Aries and can calm any rising negativity – Just how cool water can put out a fire.

Our Arien pals are also known to be deep thinkers, so Aquamarine stones can help bring perspective and encourage clear communication. It can help them bring their often genius and creative ideas out into the open.

How to incorporate Aquamarine stones into your life?

Jewellery of course 🤣 An Aquamarine pendant is the perfect solution, and makes such a thoughtful gift for our friends and family born in March. Take a look at our Aquamarine Birthstone necklace, which is available in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.

With the weather warming up and our hands are being freed of gloves, we can finally start showing off our rings and manicures! Step up your ring game with an Aquamarine stacker, but be quick because there’s not many of these babies left!

That’s it for our spotlight on Amazing Amethysts – Next month will be all about high-vibing Crystal Quartz so stay tuned!


Bini xx

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