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Euphoric Sillimanite

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Lets get straight to it... What makes you feel happy? Is it waking up to a gloriously sunny morning? Going for a walk and taking in the lush green countryside? Maybe it’s your favourite meal and the perfectly paired glass of wine, or reading a good book, or spending time with loved ones? All of the above? 🌄

Lush green scenery gives me the happy feels

What if you could ‘bottle’ that feeling of joy and come back to it when you’re feeling a bit crappy or facing difficulties? Enter Sillimanite. Also known as the stone of euphoria, it is said to help you feel true joy, face your fears, speak with your chest and rid your mind of negative thoughts 😍

Matters of the heart…

With this being a green stone, it is linked to the Heart Chakra, which means it is especially helpful when it comes to regulating emotions and helping you express your feelings and intentions clearly. If you’re going through emotional trauma, Sillimanite has a beautiful uplifting energy which is said to aid stress and depression, as it promotes a more positive attitude in life.

Similarly, if you’re feeling scattered in a hundred different directions, wearing Sillimanite will help you feel more grounded and present in the moment so you can be at your best.

Not your ordinary birthstone...

Sillimanite can be used as an alternative to the May birthstone of Emerald because of its earthy green hues. Our May babies can be Taurus’ or Gemini’s - So let’s take a look at why Sillimanite is the ideal gemstone for people who are born into these star signs...

The Taurean…

Taureans are dreamers, but sometimes their lofty ideas don’t become a reality and that can lead a them to feel pretty down and even make them question their place in the world. Sillimanite brings balance to these feelings – It promotes happiness, clarity and willpower to help them stick to their plans and make those dreams a reality.

Our bull friends are beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that they feel it. They often feel the

need to be everything for everyone. Because of this, they sometimes feel like their loyalty to others erases their own personal needs. They often need gentle encouragement to seek out their own joy - Sillimanite is great for this, as it clears negative energies and negative thinking, and boosts self-confidence and self-love. All good things for an independent Taurus!


Gemini translates to “Twins” in Latin, which gives light to the concept that Gemini’s have dual personalities. Our Gemini beauties are impulsive, exciting, confident, perceptive, funny and inquisitive people. Sillimanite is a fantastic gemstone for them because it helps them harness their natural verve for life and help them to find the things that make a positive difference in the world 🌍

The duality of their impulsive personality trait also means that they can be indecisive - They are likely to be the ones who flake or cancel last minute if there’s something more interesting or exciting to do – Basically don’t ask them to help you move house or take you to the airport 🤣 They sometimes struggle to commit and are easily bored.

Sillimanite remedies this by helping Gemini’s to find the joy in everyday things, helps them to focus and remain steadfast in their promises and choices.

How to incorporate Sillimanite Crystals into your life?

Wear a Sillimanite crystal and feel the benefits everyday. A necklace is ideal because it places the crystal right next to your heart, which is perfect for emotional balance and strength.

This Raw Sillimanite gemstone necklace will make the perfect gift for a loved one, or even yourself because adorning yourself in jewels is an act of self-love and self-appreciation!

That’s it for our spotlight on Sillimanite – Next month will be all about glorious Moonstones, good fortune and new beginnings. It should be a good one!


Bini xx

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