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Goal setting for 2022

Bini Chohan Gold Sunray Necklace, on a white striped background.

Happy New Year!

So here we are in 2022, and it's been a rough and tumble couple of years, but we have made it and I am so happy you're here! ❤

You'll see that I've put a bright and golden photo above because this is what I am manifesting for our future - Brightness, positivity (uh, unless its a C19 test), happiness, warmth, love, joy and success. We deserve that, right?

I believe in manifestation and speaking your intentions, but I feel like I need to do more to achieve those things. It's one thing to say "I want my business to succeed" but how can I make that a reality? As the great, wise Britney once said... You Better Work! 🤣

So as we go into 2022, I've put together a short, but non-exhaustive list of my business goals, and how I plan to achieve them. I'm putting this here for two main reasons; one is to keep me on track and accountable, and the other reason is that this might help other small business owners who might be stuck with what to do next. You never know, it could give you some ideas!

Grab a drink, settle back and lets get stuck in...

Woman relaxing on floor with a hot drink and book, while her cat relaxed under a houseplant next to her.

Double my sales every month...

I'm not putting a figure on this one because we're all at different points in our business journey. You might be starting out or you might be like me, and going for a couple of years and looking for ways to push or challenge yourself.

This one is a challenge for me. These past few years have seen my sales go from being consistent, to sporadic and near enough non-existent thanks to the P word that shut the world down. I was fortunate to be on furlough then, so I had a steady income coming in and was able to put my business "on hold" while the world got to grips with everything going on. But in October 2021 I went fully self employed and now this jewellery business is my main income, so I need to switch up my goals to continuously improve as I go.

So every month, I want to double the amount of sales

A bar chart predicting sales growth. Bars doubling in height every month.

that I took the previous month. The goal is growth.

How do I plan to achieve this? Create a marketing strategy. This includes looking at all my figures, stats, insights across every platform. Look at what content has been performing well (and why) and what isn't working and why. Build that strategy around what performs well, then work smarter not harder. I don't want to spend hours upon hours creating 7-second reels or tiktoks that are gimicky. Yes, they're fun, they get you seen, and they absolutely have their own value, but I also want to create content that's educational and evergreen. I want my content to work for me, not to work for my content.

Illustration of a small fashion boutique with dresses on mannequins in the window.

Get my jewellery into some local boutiques...

Whew! This one is going to push me. I'm not a natural salesperson, I'm socially awkward and anxious, and what often is a well thought out and oftentimes heavily rehearsed conversation in my head, ends up coming out as Yoda-fied mumbling that fades into an awkward nothingness. I know I'm not the only one! But I would love to represent my brand locally and there's only one way to do that... Be seen, and speak to other business owners.

So how do I plan to do this? By getting out of my own way. I'm a serial overthinker, and I'm working on just being in the moment. I'm listening to a lot of "self help" podcasts and audiobooks to help with my confidence and anxiety. I'm reading a lot of content online about marketing, and I'm continuously learning about jewellery, techniques and styles.

I've found some local boutiques that I feel would be a good fit for my brand, and I'm taking the time to interact with their social media posts and having some conversations online, so it's more of a "soft" meeting when I do eventually pluck up the courage to talk about having a space in their shop. Baby steps, but I'll get there!

Get to 2000 followers on Instagram by my Birthday...

I've got until May to get myself from my (at present) count of 1511 followers to 2000. I know follower count doesn't mean a huge deal in the grand scheme of it all, but I like round numbers 😂

Multicoloured balloons, each with a number on them that show 2000.

My plan do do this is to be more consistent with my posting, engage more with other users and just keep having those conversations... There's no true and tested method here. I'm just relying on my awkward charm 😛

Be more consistent with my posts across social media...

Consistency is key, right? Now I'm running this business full time, I can carve out more time to plan and schedule posts across different platforms. I am most active on Instagram, but I've promised myself to pro-actively post on my facebook business page and pinterest, because each of those platforms hits a different target audience for me.

Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook Logos in Bini Chohan branded colours - A corally pink with white.

I have identified that Instagram is the main source of my customers because I'm most active on there. I also get the majority of repeat customers from there. Facebook is where I have more of a local following, and pinterest is an unknown land for me.

Like most, I've spent a bit of time on there adding things to boards, planning the perfect living room/bedroom, cooing over dreamy outfits and hairstyles... But I've never used it to drive traffic to my business. That's going to change this year! I just need to figure out how to work it all first 😂

A successful launch of my Spring and Summer collection...

Speaks for itself really! I'm ignoring all of those social media strategists that say you shouldn't just launch a new product, that you have to tease it for 60-90 days before

A houseplant to depict growth.

releasing it. I haven't got the time, patience or content for 90 days worth of teasers, so I'm just going to keep talking about it, drop the odd sneak peak a couple of weeks before the drop and see what happens!

Brand Ambassadors...

Yep! You've read it right! I was mulling over this idea last year and now I have the time to figure out the ins-and-outs of it all, I'll be casting for Brand Ambassadors very soon, so watch this space!

Continue working on my website...

Much like social media, you need to keep things fresh to keep people coming back. I've got my website to the point where I'm happy with it. The odd tweak here and there, adding new features such as Notify when back in stock, the ability to buy gift cards and schedule them to send to your loved one on a specific date, the ability to leave reviews... I implemented all of these last year because I think they give you a better shopping experience on my website. I'm going to continue working on more things like this.

I'm also going to be posting more regularly on this blog because I need somewhere to waffle on about my ideas 😂


Phew! Hopefully all of these are achievable, not only for myself, but for you too.

Of course my existing progress would be zero if it wasn't for all your support and love. Every sale, like, comment, share and save means the world to me and I am so thankful that I have such amazing friends and supporters in you all 🙏🏽💕

As a thank you for your support, and for reading this far, I'm gifting you all a 20% discount code to use until the 31st of January 2022. Use code BINIBLOG at the checkout to apply the discount ✨

So here's to 2022 - Smashing our goals, bettering ourselves and having the time to enjoy all the wonderful things around us 🥂💖✨

With love,

Bini xx

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