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New Beginings Bini Chohan Blog header - The Spring Jewellery Style Edit

It feels like we've been waiting a lifetime through the longest winter, but we've finally made it to Spring and let me tell you, I am SO ready for it! Warmer days, more daylight and new life everywhere 😍 Love love love it all!

While the air still has a chill to it, it feels a little too early to switch out our winter wardrobes for lightweight outfits. But don't let that dampen your moods, you can still get ready for Spring by updating your accessories instead! I mean, cute new jewellery matched with cosy layers? Yes please! A look we can all get on board with 🤩

Make transitioning your accessories into the new season super easy, with my 3 Spring Jewellery tips 🌷✨

NUMBER 1: Spruce up that jewellery box!

This isn't the place where jewellery goes to be forgotten. Make it front and centre stage to showcase all of your fabulous jewellery by giving it a declutter.

Detangle all of those chains, discard any broken pieces and consider sharing the love by donating those pieces of jewellery that you no longer reach for. It's Springtime my loves, is there a better time than now?

a dark wooden jewellery box which is open, showing different types of jewellery. Box is on a vanity table with a mirror, perfume and other pieces of jewellery strewn across the surface of the table.
Let go of what no longer serves you!

NUMBER 2: Add some colour!

Embrace the season of renewal with vibrant colours by introducing splashes of colour.

Not sure where to start? Beaded bracelets, crystal pendants, and bold earrings are a great way to spice it up a little. A pop of colour can lift your spirits, even on those drizzly Spring days 🌦

We've made jewellery shopping for Spring a doddle by putting together a collection of pieces that are sure to brighten your mood - Shop the Springtime collection here 🌸

A flat lay of crystal pendants (blue sapphire, yellow citrine, red ruby and green sillimanite) on gold filled chains. Bright happy colours against muted white and grey tile background.
A pop of colour - Some of our mood boosting crystal pendants

NUMBER 3: Shake things up!

Do you catch yourself reaching for the same jewellery to wear on repeat? While those trusty everyday pieces do the job, they soon become part of the "background" and you don't even notice them anymore. I'm guilty of it too! If you can relate, then it might be time to change it up a little, or treat yourself to something new.

I find the quickest way to switch things up is to mix and match metals - Yep, mix your silver with your gold pieces for a fresh and exciting look that shows the world that you're not afraid to make a statement!

Bini Chohan bracelets on a wrist. A gold chain bracelet worn between a silver chain bracelet and a beaded pink tourmaline bracelet.

You can also layer dainty with more bold pieces, for example a pendant necklace layered with a gemstone choker. Keep it subtle by selecting pieces with smaller beads, or make a real impact by opting for chunky chains. Spring is the time for reinvention, so why not have a little fun with it? 😍

You can also play around with different hues. Don't be afraid of clashing colours - Just like blue and pink flowers compliment each other beautifully, you too can rock a fusion of styles 🤩

So those are my little tips for getting ready for Spring! What else do you do to elevate your look for this season? Leave me a comment below, and don't forget to tag us on Instagram with your jewellery box makeovers!

Happy Spring!

Bini x

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