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FRESH FINDS: The Inspo Behind Our New Pieces

PHEW! It's been a bit of a journey but I am so beyond excited to finally show you all of the new pieces I have been working on! From the minds eye to the workbench, these pieces have been a while in the making, and I am incredibly proud to share them with you 😍

So what's taken so long? Simple answer... I'd lost my jewellery making mojo for a while, and that was down to life "life-ing" and my not-so-besties anxiety and self-doubt being allowed to live in my temple rent free for far too long. Having evicted those guys, worked on myself and listened to a ton of self help audiobooks, a little phrase stuck with me... "You attract what you put out into the universe" and that planted the seed of the concept of my new jewellery collection.

Dress to Manifest

I'm not going to take credit for that cute phrase, as much as I'd like to lol 😂 The idea of presenting who you want to be to the world is a little daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Imagine what you would like people to say about you if you weren't in the room. I'd like to think it goes something like this:

"She is strong. She is resilient. She is glowing. She is determined. She is inspiring. She is powerful. She is uplifting. She is enlightened. She is unstoppable."

That's you. You're all of these things and so much more ♥ So knowing how you want to be defined, lets dive into my new pieces, find out what they're about and see how you can use them to help bring out how truly brilliant you are...

The idea for this Herkimer Diamond bracelet has been swirling around in my brain for quite some time now, and I finally decided to actually make it. I chose Herkimer Diamonds because they are said to purify and cleanse away negative energy, while helping you overcome any fears or self-doubt. Kinda perfect for this collection, right?!

While this looks like a dressier jewellery piece, you can absolutely make this bracelet work with your everyday outfits. Keep it modern and minimalistic by wearing it with a plain t-shirt, jeans and no other jewellery, or layer it up with other beaded bracelets for a luxurious-boho vibe.

I was rummaging through my stash of beads, having a little clear out (clear workspace, clear mind, or so they say) and came across these Freshwater pearls I'd bought well over a decade ago. I knew straight away that I had to make something with them, and these are the results! The chain earrings are a boss-lady moment, and the pearl necklace is all about timeless elegance.

You'd be tempted to only wear these for an evening occasion, but let me tell you how gorgeous these pearl pieces look when you dress them down. It's that old money style, without the big spend. Win-win!

Show the world what a Lunar Goddess you are! Do you have a little bit of a Wiccan vibe going on, whether its a higher intuition or just a love for all things mystical and magical? I fall somewhere in the middle... Always loving anything alternative because I was such a rebellious teen (huuuge eyeroll), I picked up this spell book when I was about 14. I was drawn to the cool looking shiny silver foil writing on the hardback cover, and I wanted to be the Indian version of Sabrina so bad 😂 Anyway, I didn't do any spells, I just bought the book because it was interesting and pretty. I'd forgotten all about it until a few months ago.

Inspired by the silver writing on the book, I wanted to make something that was a little throwback to my wannabe witch past, and that tied in with my forever love of anything to do with space and our galaxy. The crescent moon is such an iconic shape so that was a no-brainer, but I wanted to amp up the ethereal spacey vibes. Enter: The textured silver ring. Reminiscent of one of Saturns' famous rings, this finishes off the set perfectly so you can go forth and conquer the universe 😍💫

A little while ago, I did a bit of a rebrand of my website and chose shades of pink and green as they were the colours that made me happy. And then I discovered Watermelon Tourmaline crystals, which come in the same colours! It was definitely Kismet (which, strangely, was the name of the shop I'd bought that spell book from) and I knew I had to design something with these gorgeous gems.

Watermelon Tourmaline are known to ward off bad energy, help to balance emotions and bring love and joy into your life. And speaking of love, one of my most loved earrings are the Cephy stud and chain earrings, so in the spirit of the rebrand, I figured I could do a little product re-designing too... And then these beauties were born!

These earrings look great dressed up or down, and add a subtle pop of colour which makes them super wearable throughout the seasons. These beautiful earrings will soon become your go-to for any occasion.

This Sterling Silver Figaro bracelet is fast becoming one of my favourite pieces to wear and I hope it'll become one of yours too. It just goes with everything! I'm finding my way back to the silver path after being a golden girly for almost a decade. The mixed metal look is so modern and beautiful, and this Figaro chain bracelet is just the right amount of fancy to help with the gold to silver transition.

I wanted to design a piece of jewellery that you would reach for daily, without a second thought - A staple piece that you can pair with any outfit and instantly feel put together. Life is busy enough without trying to figure out what jewellery to wear every single day, and this pretty Figaro chain bracelet takes all the faff out of it so you're free to focus on smashing your goals 💪🏽

I made a pair of these stacking rings for myself back in 2019 and have worn them nearly every day since. My dependable daily heroes have kept my hands looking fabulous through the good and bad and I thought I'd finally share their simple brilliance with you.

The dynamic duo of rings are made in 14k Gold Fill, which means they won't fade or tarnish and will last you for years and beyond. That's two less things for you to stress about because you'll not have to worry about green fingers, and you won't be contributing to landfill either!

So if you're all about minimal effort for maximum impact, you really can't go wrong with these rings in your collection.

Your style, your rules

If I've learned anything in my almost 4 decades on this planet, it is that you don't have to follow any set of rules when it comes to style. Rock the fancy pearl necklace with a grunge tshirt. A Herkimer diamond bracelet and loungewear? Go for it! If you wear whatever brings you joy, you've already won the day.

You can shop our latest pieces here, and get yourself a sweet 10% off your first order by using code BINI10 at the checkout. Don't forget to share your Bini Chohan jewellery on social media, I love to see how you're styling it!


Bini xx

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