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The Diamonds of Herkimer...


Formed over 500 million years ago, Herkimer Diamonds are something to behold. These beauties can only be found in one specific place in NY state in America and are actually a special type of clear quartz gemstone which is prized for it's natural facets and high clarity.


We honour the natural shape of these stones by letting them take centre stage in this show-stopping bracelet. Suspended on gold wire and chain, these Herkimer Diamonds capture and reflect the light so beautifully, and will make you feel so special every time you wear it. Crafted in 14k gold fill, it is made to last.


Spiritually, Herkimer Diamonds are known as the Stone of Attunement and are powerful, high frequency crystals that can purify and cleanse energy, while helping the wearer to heal by overcoming any fears and trauma. These beautifully faceted gemstones also amplify the qualities of other crystals and are brilliant to use for meditation when you need to clear your mind.


**Please note that due to the nature of natural gemstones , each one is totally unique in size, shape and clarity.**

herkimer diamond bracelet

Out of Stock
  • • handcrafted 7.25 inch bracelet
    • AA grade Herkimer Diamonds
    • 14k Gold Filled chain and clasp
    • beautifully presented ready for giving as a gift
    • free wildflower seeds included with every order


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