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Hello, is it jewellery you're looking for?

Updated: Mar 25

I can see it in your eyes...

I can see it in your smile...

Aaand enough of that!

Hi - I'm Bini Chohan and I'm the owner/designer/photographer/one woman band here at Bini Chohan jewellery. Creative name for the brand, huh? 😜 I like to keep things simple, and that includes the pieces that I make.

I thought I'd create a little blog so you can get a feel for what I'm about, and also have a space to share some handy jewellery hacks that will hopefully make your life a little easier (Anyone else have problems with getting their bracelets on? I've got a trick for you in an upcoming post!)

You can also find updates here about sales and future events, as well as the occasional ramblings of a small business owner 😉

In the meantime feel free to add and share on all the socials using #binichohan for a chance to get reposted and win some special treats 😁


B xx

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