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Opulent Ruby

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

How are we over halfway through the year already?! 😵 It seems like time is flying by and yet we’re still waiting for Summer to really kick in so we can start living our best summer lives. Whether you’ve got adventures and holidays planned or if you’re merrily working and winging your way through the warmer months, one thing’s for sure: Feeling happy in yourself is the aim of the game.

My old driving instructor would have a fit - Ten and two, ten and two! 😆

If you’re in need of a little oomph, boost or zhuzh in life then look no further, because Rubies are the one! These royal red gemstones are linked to passion, confidence, love (including self-love!), vitality and success and can bring you some much needed joy and excitement if you’re stuck in a bit of a samey-samey rut, feeling down, or struggling to connect to your innermost desires.

Rubies give you the confidence and courage to go for what you want, all while making you feel safe and protected. With this being such a protective stone, it drives away negative energies and thoughts, helping you to focus on your inner happiness and things that spark joy and creativity. In a nutshell, Rubies are wonderful for helping you love yourself, and love others around you ❤

Rubies are mostly found in warmer countries such as India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Australia, and come in varying shades from bright pink to the deepest of plummy merlot hues. They’re also strong gemstones too, rating a 9 on the Mohs scale (Diamonds are a 10 for perspective) which means you’ll not easily scratch or damage your gemstone and makes it ideal for wearing daily as jewellery.

But the beauty of this stone isn’t just in its physical properties. In Ayurvedic practices, the Ruby is a blood cleansing stone that helps with heart conditions, circulation and menstruation problems and is even said to aid with fertility in both females and males.

Boom Chakra Lacka!

This luscious berry-toned stone is linked to the Root Chakra, which is ideal if you need something to help you feel grounded, safe and steady. If life is a little chaotic and you need that balance without the boredom, then Ruby is your gal.

Rubies are also associated with the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, which are all about vitality, passion, pleasure, love and creativity. So if you need a hand with bringing the Sexy Back (hah I managed to fit in a JT reference that isn’t about May, 10 points for me 🤣) then embrace Ruby and watch your perspective shift from the groundhog day mindset, to something far more exciting and fun.

The colour of a gemstone is also a clue to which Chakra it's linked to

So now we know what Rubies are all about, let’s take a look at why this opulent gemstone is the perfect partner for our July babes. Cancer and Leo are the Zodiac flavours of the month, so let’s dive right in…


Our Cancerian friends have a beautiful nurturing energy. They are kind, deep feeling and often the glue that holds families and friends together. With all of this comes the obvious pressure to be everything to everyone, alllll of the time - And sometimes not

having the same effort reciprocated by others. Rubies can balance the emotional turmoil of these situations by protecting from negative thoughts, therefore helping to find joy in the smallest of actions.

Ruby is also the bringer of love and passion, something our affectionate Cancerians will receive in abundance when wearing this gemstone.

The Lion…

We all know Leo’s are the life of the party with their radiance, self confidence and fun-loving nature! Our Lions aren’t just lively individuals, they’re also fiercely loyal, dependable, strong and hyper focussed when it comes to getting things done, but on the flipside they can also come off as egotistical, impatient and dominating.

Being natural leaders, they can suffer with stress and sometimes feel like people take advantage of their generous nature. Rubies are great for our roaring pals because they ward off negative vibes and help them to channel their energies into worthwhile projects, as well as helping them to forge a path to success in a way that doesn’t compromise their character and beliefs.

Rubies perfectly match with Leo’s because they share the same vitality, and while Rubies help their guardians to find passion and joy, our Leo friends also benefit from the balance this stone brings to their chaotic social lives.

How to incorporate Rubies into your life?

Placing a Ruby next to your bed is great if you’re looking to spice up your love life 👀 Or if you need a bit of a career boost, place it on a shelf in your office or on your desk to attract success. Wearing it as jewellery is the easiest way to benefit from the vibrant energies wherever you are.

This Raw Ruby necklace will make the perfect gift for a loved one (A fantastic 40th Anniversary gift), or even a present to yourself. You deserve love, respect and happiness, so claim it! 👑

That’s it for our spotlight on Rubies – Next month will be all about Perfect Peridot, opening our hearts and healing from past traumas 🌸✨


Bini xx

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