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Perfect Peridot

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

I’ve waited a little longer to write up this blog post because life has been “life-ing” and to be honest, my mental health hasn’t been the best. But I’m pushing past all that and setting small goals to help me get through it all, and trying to be a bit kinder to myself in the process.

Stealing quiet moments

So here we are, August is in full swing and that can only mean one thing… It’s the month of Peridot! This glassy green gemstone is a personal favourite. Back when I was a kid and I learned about birthstones (via an Argos catalogue 🤣 Tell me you're old without telling me you're old) Anyway, I decided that I didn’t like my own birthstone, but much preferred Peridot. I think it’s because it was a vibrant shade of green and the name was fun to say, but I couldn’t deny I was somehow drawn to it.

I mean, who wouldn’t be drawn to a stone that represents so many beautiful things? Strength, prosperity, protection, safety, joy and love. We all strive for one or more of these things and Perfect Peridots promise to bring us a sense of control and calm, like everything will be ok... Like a spiritual hug.

You’d think these glowy green gems come from some far away solar system (some do, but we’ll get into that another time 👽) but they’re mostly found in faraway places like Tanzania, Myanmar and Pakistan, with some deposits even being found in Australia, the US and Hawaii. Google Peridot Beach in Hawaii when you’re done here 💚

Peridot comes in a range of shades but is always green thanks to the Iron content. Though mostly famous for being a yellowish-green, a hue akin to young grass, Peridot can also come in deeper shades of muddy olive through to pure green. Peridot has often been mistaken for Emeralds historically; Cleopatra, we’re looking at you hun 👀

It's thought that most of Cleo's Emerald collection was actually Peridot...

Rated between a 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale, Peridot is also a pretty durable gemstone which is why it is so well suited to jewellery. But as we all know, there’s more to these gemstones than their shimmering beauty. The ancient Egyptians called Peridot the “Gem of the sun” and believed it to be able to protect the wearer from nightmares and evil night spirits.

It’s not just the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians that harnessed the power of Peridot. This glorious gem is also linked to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of fortune and abundance.

Our Lakshmi deffo knows how to accessorise 🥰

Matters of the Heart…

We touched briefly on Hinduism, and since we’re all about the crystals here, so let’s talk Chakras! Peridots are intrinsically linked to the heart chakra, which is all about love, affection and empathy. Placing a Peridot over your heart will help to alleviate any energy blockages, which in turn will help you to open yourself back up to the world and heal from any heartache or trauma.

So now we know what Peridot is all about, let’s take a look at why this gorgeous gemstone is the perfect partner for our August babes. Leo and Virgo are the Zodiacs of the month, so let’s dive right in…


Our lush Lions are known for being real go-getters. Always on the hunt for the next

adventure or experience, they can easily become bored and frustrated if things (and people) aren’t moving to their pace.

Peridot can provide a feeling of serenity for our fierce friends, who will thrive in the warm, sunny energy that this gemstone can bring to their day to day lives.


Famously known for being perfectionists, incredibly hard working, practical, methodical, and caring. Friend to all, but close to very few, our Virgo friends expect perfection from everyone around them, only to be frequently disappointed when humans, well… human.

Virgos are very self-critical and can fall into depressive times easily, as their mental and emotional energy is easily spent getting tied up in everyday things. They cannot tick-box their way out of a funk, but a Peridot can certainly bring emotional balance and positivity back into their worlds, helping them to think clearly and get things done.

How to incorporate Peridot into your life?

Easy! Jewellery of course 😉 Necklaces are perfect as they sit close to your heart, helping to engage your chakra and open your heart up to the world around you, while attracting good fortune, prosperity and joy.

This Raw Peridot necklace will make the perfect gift for a loved one (A fantastic 16th Anniversary gift), or even a present to yourself. You deserve love, peace and success, so claim it! 👑

That’s it for our spotlight on Peridot – Next month will be all about Calming Sapphire, and how it can help to bring abundance, clarity and peace of mind 🙏🏽


Bini xx

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