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Make a wish...


Wishbones are seen as lucky charms in modern day culture, but back in Ancient Roman times, they used to believe that birds had spiritual powers, and believed that keeping the bones would give them access to these powers. But who wants to walk around with a pocket full of bird bones?! 🤣


Enter: The wishbone ring...


This wishbone ring is created in 14k gold filled and is beautifully minimalistic and easy to wear, either on it's own for a pared back look, or stacked with other rings for a stunning curated feel. 


This ring would make for a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one. Make a wish and every time you put the ring on, you'll be manifesting your dreams. The more you believe, the closer you'll be ✨ And no actual bird bones in sight - winner!

gold wishbone ring

  • • handcrafted
    • 14k gold filled
    • 1mm band width
    • beautifully presented ready for giving as a gift


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