Lapis Lazuli has many amazing properties, not only is it a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, but the stones also repels negativity, stimulates creativity, confidence, objectivity and clarity of the mind. A true hero stone that not only helps to open your throat chakra so you can speak your truth and be at peace, but it also looks beautiful 😍


The faceted Lapis Lazuli stones are hand-wrapped onto Sterling Silver hoops with delicate silver wire. These beautiful stones range from deep celestial shades to electric blues, with tiny golden flecks of pyrite that look like star dust. Each pair of earrings is as unique as the semi-precious stones used. These earrings will look great all year round - Perfectly versatile!

silver lapis lazuli wrapped hoops

  • • handcrafted and hand-wrapped with 925 Sterling Silver wire
    • 3-4mm faceted Lapis Lazuli stones
    • 30mm 925 Sterling Silver hoops
    • beautifully presented ready for giving as a gift